NIGHTball (The 1st)

RHYTHM FACTORY – (PLEASE see also Drum’N’Bass / IDM / Techno / Breaks / House)

21:00 – 04:00

It is a stomping kind of techno, too, like 3 angry madmen with their oil drums in the back alleys, at 5 in the morning while you are trying to finally get to sleep from cleaning all the sick from the floors of your nightclub, and you hear this. Except (and I mean this) – in a relatively good way.

4-to-the-floor ‘ain’t gots nothing’ upon these 3 fellows while they play out and spin their journey into electro, drum & bass, and breakbeats which would embarrass Fatboy Slim, he would just be sobbing, the tears would be too tremendous. All the hilarity for him to endure but still Rhythm Factory please their small audiences in this club and the other one they sometimes tell me they play at. Trust me, I’ve seen it, it’s boarded up 6 days a week, who are they fooling.

Come down and lose your mind! #technotechnotechno #beastobeastobeasto

Then prepare to clear out and line up and file back in again at 4:01 AM when the chill vibes of NIGHTchills takes over for the next 19 hours of proper neutrality musik…